During our last presidential race, the term Outsourcing came up a lot.  We heard this term during the debates and the endless commercials we were all forced to watch.  Well, I’ve written an article about this before.  Check that out here.  I’m writing another article about this topic because we are standing at the threshold of a new age and I don’t think people are prepared for the shift that is occurring.  Companies have gone global and many tasks that once were completed on a site can now be done virtually anywhere.  We are competing for our economy here and now.  What do I mean by this?  Well I’ve said before that Outsourcing is when a company relocates a business process from onindia_outsourcing_time_magazinee place to another.   So you may have experienced calling your cellphone or cable company, etc. and hearing a foreign voice on the other end of the line.   These representatives are highly skilled business professionals.

Most Sales Associates in India have an Associates Level degree or better and they are performing task that high school level employees in the U.S. once performed….for less pay!  Try $3000 per year, most Americans would like to make this per month.  Just check out this article entitled The Truth Behind Indian Call Centers by Abigail Haworth.  Most companies are about the bottom line and you have to admit that’s a pretty good deal.  Well, unemployed and broke America, what are you going to do about that!  We can continue to sit back idly by and blame the Democrats and the Republicans but we all know the truth of the matter is Corporate Greed!  Oh, and don’t you dare go pointing fingers.  We are all guilty!  We expect and demand a profit in our stock and bond portfolios. So before you think I’ve gone off on some crazy rant, I’d like to propose something to you that I want you to think about.

Let’s suppose that there is a company out there that has worked out an agreement with many Fortune 500 companies to outsource their customer service work to American corporations instead of overseas.  Let’s propose that they offer to deliver top quality customer service and a skilled labor force.  Let’s also suppose that they promise that this will save money because small businesses will hire indpendent contractors to perform said jobs from home instead of large corporate offices.  Wouldn’t this be an awesome concept!  Well, that is what Arise thought too 11 years ago when they started this program.   Arise Virtual Solutions has leveled the playing field!  I’ll discuss this in another blog.

Let’s face it!  Companies want to make money and they need a skilled labor force.  Just listen here as our old buddy Mitt Romney explains it.  Check this out:

Look, I’m not trying to get political here he’s just helping me to make my point.  Companies are committed to doing what is necessary to save money and reap bigger profits including pile people twelve deep in a room in a building surrounded by barbed-wire to keep the folks from beating down the doors to get in.   Get it!  Another fact is we will never get the manufacturing industry to stop making the majority of our disposable products in China.  The labor and material costs are way too cheap.  Besides, we’ve gotten used to low prices for the many products that are produced in China and elsewhere that we buy.  Lastly, we couldn’t afford to work at the wages that the Chinese laborers are being paid.  Minimum wage in China is $0.75 per hour.  No, my decimal is not in the wrong place.  Many of us, would consider that slavery!   Nonetheless, we still stand a chance in the Customer Service Industry.  Just take a look at this article.  I’m just saying that most Americans would prefer to get their support and assistance from another english speaking American.  Am I wrong?

Well, there is a company today that is doing the opposite of what most American companies are doing.  They are bringing more than jobs back to the to the United States.  They are assisting small mom and pop companies like mine to grow an empire.  I am looking to build an army of well trained home based workers.  I can teach these individuals to make money taking calls from home from anywhere and earn between $8-$16 per hour.   So no matter what, there is no other company out there that can boast that they are doing what Arise does.  Hands down!  Arise is putting Americans back to work (for themselves).

My name is Tamara Muhammad.  I am the CEO of Gozan Corp.  My partnership with Arise is very beneficial to me.  It was worth the investment I made of $120.95 to start my Arise business.  I’d like to share with you how Arise can help you become a successful work at home agent.  If you’d like more information about how you can work from home as a  Customer Service Professional please visit: http://www.virtualworker.info