This could be perfect for you!

This could be perfect for you!

Many people wonder whether or not Arise Virtual Solutions is real or a scam.  I can understand and relate to this concern considering that Arise has some upfront cost associated with setting up your business as a Customer Service Professional.  I have been in business with Arise for over a year and half now and when I first got started I had similar questions and concerns.  I’ve read lots of reviews about Arise online and while people acknowledge that Arise is not a scam and is in fact a legitimate business, there are still many that criticize the company because of the upfront cost.  I just want to set the record straight because many of these comments come from people that are not involved with this program and have never owned a Virtual Customer Service Agency.

There are many work from home companies out there offering positions where you can take calls from home as a Customer Service Professional.  I’ll just name a couple because that is not the point of this article today.  If you are looking for a work from home position that does not require an upfront fee, you may want to check out or  These are also legitimate companies and you can work from home taking calls and there are usually no fees to apply for these positions.  Now, I’d like to discuss the difference between these companies and Arise.

1.  These companies are offering employment.  Arise is offering an opportunity.

What’s the difference?  Well, the difference is that like any other employment opportunity when you apply for those positions you are competing with the rest of the workforce looking for a job.  If you are the lucky applicant chosen then you can wait for the company to contact you and let you know the hours you are required to show up for work.  With the opportunity that Arise is offering you, you are an entrepreneur.  Arise is actually your business partner.  They are going out to get clients for your business and providing the necessary training for your business to improve your quality of service.  They also service your computer needs by providing 24/7 technical support.  Arise does not tell you what times to work.  You choose the shifts that are convenient for you and if there is an emergency you have the flexibility to change your schedule at will.  I know that difference is really important to me.  I am in control of my life and my schedule.  I have complete freedom.  That is important to me because I am a wife and a mom to 7 children.  I have a busy schedule at times and I don’t want anyone  to dictate my hours to me.  Also, let’s face it.  The job market is very competitive right now.  With so many people looking for jobs you may never hear back from some of the free opportunities.  With Arise, you are paying for a service.  You do have to meet the clients qualifications in order to take calls for them but Arise is giving you support and training to help you qualify.  They also provide continued and ongoing support for your business and communicate with the client on your behalf to keep you up-to-date with your clients requirements and keep your business compliant.

2.  With Arise you are Building a business institution instead of landing a job.

This is huge!  I cannot express this enough.  It really surprises me how many people take this aspect for granted.  I really think that if you want to earn income from home and you don’t consider this aspect of Arise Virtual Solution’s opportunity then you are missing the mark.  Arise contracts with corporations.  These corporations can then be either single person or multi-person companies.  That means each one of these corporations can become an employment agency.  When you consider the cost to set up a viable employment agency and have a partner that goes out and gets you top Fortune 500 companies as clients, the cost is miniscule compared to the benefit.  You can start your Arise business for less than $200.  I spent $120.95 on my Arise fees.  I made all of that back with my first paycheck.  I tripled that with my second paycheck and now over  a year and half later let’s just say I’m ecstatic that I took the risk!  Many people stumble upon Arise’s opportunity after searching for years for a work from home solution.  I get it!  You feel burned because you’ve tried opportunity after opportunity and have probably lost so much money that now you feel jaded.  Or maybe you are short on funds and are afraid to lose what precious little money you have to spare.  But with Arise, the facts are in!  Arise has a triple A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and I could stop right there but I won’t.  It also has been featured on Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, and the Lifetime channel.  Not to mention numerous local news station.  Even if you don’t want to build a company, you have the option to work for a new type of mom and pop institution….the mom and pop of the future~!

I want to go further into this topic later because I believe that it is still settling into the minds of people what is happening globally economically.  If you want to be able to survive this shift in the global economy you will need to learn how to use your computer to make money for you.  Arise has laid a strong foundation for this shift!  Stay tuned for future posts and if you’d like more information about working from home as a Customer Service Professional or Building you own Virtual Employment Agency visit my website at