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     This blog is dedicated to discussing how to earn money from home as a Customer Service Professional.  I am personally involved in the customer service industry.   I own a Virtual Customer Service Agency.  I’m a licensed financial professional.  I’ve worked for Metlife and John Hancock as a Registered Financial Representative for several years.  I am licensed in both the life insurance and investment industry.  I’ve also owned a successful real estate firm.  I was featured on an infomercial for Russ Whitney’s Building Wealth System.  I started my first business when I was eight years old.  Then I began working in sales and retail when I was 13 years old thanks to the best mother a girl could have Elizabeth M. Queensbury.  God, rest her soul.  I stayed in retail until I was 19 and had a successful college career where I studied Psychology and Business.  I began my real estate company when I was in my early 20’s and made a boatload of money in real estate.  Now, I own a successful employment agency which allows me to work from home and take care of my husband and seven beautiful children.

Prior to getting involved in this business, I had researched and been involved in many successful businesses.  What I really love about this company, and why I have chosen it as my primary source of income, is the ability I have to grow my business into something substantial.  The fact that I can do this from home is incredible.  I hope that you will enjoy my blog and that these entries will help cure some of the joblessness and poverty that many people are facing today!

     Please feel free to comment, ask questions, and post suggestions regarding work at home opportunities you know about.  That type of information is welcome here.  So don’t be afraid to post a useful comment about my article and something interesting that you do for a living.  Careful, I use Askimet so spamming won’t be allowed here.  But if you are generally interested in having a dialog with me, please post and I will reply.  I hope that you enjoy reading this work from home blog as much as I am enjoying writing it.

Thank you sincerely,

Tamara M-G