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America’s Out of Work. You Better Create Your Own Job!

During our last presidential race, the term Outsourcing came up a lot.  We heard this term during the debates and the endless commercials we were all forced to watch.  Well, I’ve written an article about this before.  Check that out here.  I’m writing another article about this topic because we are standing at the threshold of a new age and I don’t think people are prepared for the shift that is occurring.  Companies have gone global and many tasks that once were completed on a site can now be done virtually anywhere.  We are competing for our economy here and now.  What do I mean by this?  Well I’ve said before that Outsourcing is when a company relocates a business process from onindia_outsourcing_time_magazinee place to another.   So you may have experienced calling your cellphone or cable company, etc. and hearing a foreign voice on the other end of the line.   These representatives are highly skilled business professionals.

Most Sales Associates in India have an Associates Level degree or better and they are performing task that high school level employees in the U.S. once performed….for less pay!  Try $3000 per year, most Americans would like to make this per month.  Just check out this article entitled The Truth Behind Indian Call Centers by Abigail Haworth.  Most companies are about the bottom line and you have to admit that’s a pretty good deal.  Well, unemployed and broke America, what are you going to do about that!  We can continue to sit back idly by and blame the Democrats and the Republicans but we all know the truth of the matter is Corporate Greed!  Oh, and don’t you dare go pointing fingers.  We are all guilty!  We expect and demand a profit in our stock and bond portfolios. So before you think I’ve gone off on some crazy rant, I’d like to propose something to you that I want you to think about.

Let’s suppose that there is a company out there that has worked out an agreement with many Fortune 500 companies to outsource their customer service work to American corporations instead of overseas.  Let’s propose that they offer to deliver top quality customer service and a skilled labor force.  Let’s also suppose that they promise that this will save money because small businesses will hire indpendent contractors to perform said jobs from home instead of large corporate offices.  Wouldn’t this be an awesome concept!  Well, that is what Arise thought too 11 years ago when they started this program.   Arise Virtual Solutions has leveled the playing field!  I’ll discuss this in another blog.

Let’s face it!  Companies want to make money and they need a skilled labor force.  Just listen here as our old buddy Mitt Romney explains it.  Check this out:

Look, I’m not trying to get political here he’s just helping me to make my point.  Companies are committed to doing what is necessary to save money and reap bigger profits including pile people twelve deep in a room in a building surrounded by barbed-wire to keep the folks from beating down the doors to get in.   Get it!  Another fact is we will never get the manufacturing industry to stop making the majority of our disposable products in China.  The labor and material costs are way too cheap.  Besides, we’ve gotten used to low prices for the many products that are produced in China and elsewhere that we buy.  Lastly, we couldn’t afford to work at the wages that the Chinese laborers are being paid.  Minimum wage in China is $0.75 per hour.  No, my decimal is not in the wrong place.  Many of us, would consider that slavery!   Nonetheless, we still stand a chance in the Customer Service Industry.  Just take a look at this article.  I’m just saying that most Americans would prefer to get their support and assistance from another english speaking American.  Am I wrong?

Well, there is a company today that is doing the opposite of what most American companies are doing.  They are bringing more than jobs back to the to the United States.  They are assisting small mom and pop companies like mine to grow an empire.  I am looking to build an army of well trained home based workers.  I can teach these individuals to make money taking calls from home from anywhere and earn between $8-$16 per hour.   So no matter what, there is no other company out there that can boast that they are doing what Arise does.  Hands down!  Arise is putting Americans back to work (for themselves).

My name is Tamara Muhammad.  I am the CEO of Gozan Corp.  My partnership with Arise is very beneficial to me.  It was worth the investment I made of $120.95 to start my Arise business.  I’d like to share with you how Arise can help you become a successful work at home agent.  If you’d like more information about how you can work from home as a  Customer Service Professional please visit: http://www.virtualworker.info


Arise Virtual Solutions. Real Business or Scam?

This could be perfect for you!

This could be perfect for you!

Many people wonder whether or not Arise Virtual Solutions is real or a scam.  I can understand and relate to this concern considering that Arise has some upfront cost associated with setting up your business as a Customer Service Professional.  I have been in business with Arise for over a year and half now and when I first got started I had similar questions and concerns.  I’ve read lots of reviews about Arise online and while people acknowledge that Arise is not a scam and is in fact a legitimate business, there are still many that criticize the company because of the upfront cost.  I just want to set the record straight because many of these comments come from people that are not involved with this program and have never owned a Virtual Customer Service Agency.

There are many work from home companies out there offering positions where you can take calls from home as a Customer Service Professional.  I’ll just name a couple because that is not the point of this article today.  If you are looking for a work from home position that does not require an upfront fee, you may want to check out www.convergys.com or www.westathome.com.  These are also legitimate companies and you can work from home taking calls and there are usually no fees to apply for these positions.  Now, I’d like to discuss the difference between these companies and Arise.

1.  These companies are offering employment.  Arise is offering an opportunity.

What’s the difference?  Well, the difference is that like any other employment opportunity when you apply for those positions you are competing with the rest of the workforce looking for a job.  If you are the lucky applicant chosen then you can wait for the company to contact you and let you know the hours you are required to show up for work.  With the opportunity that Arise is offering you, you are an entrepreneur.  Arise is actually your business partner.  They are going out to get clients for your business and providing the necessary training for your business to improve your quality of service.  They also service your computer needs by providing 24/7 technical support.  Arise does not tell you what times to work.  You choose the shifts that are convenient for you and if there is an emergency you have the flexibility to change your schedule at will.  I know that difference is really important to me.  I am in control of my life and my schedule.  I have complete freedom.  That is important to me because I am a wife and a mom to 7 children.  I have a busy schedule at times and I don’t want anyone  to dictate my hours to me.  Also, let’s face it.  The job market is very competitive right now.  With so many people looking for jobs you may never hear back from some of the free opportunities.  With Arise, you are paying for a service.  You do have to meet the clients qualifications in order to take calls for them but Arise is giving you support and training to help you qualify.  They also provide continued and ongoing support for your business and communicate with the client on your behalf to keep you up-to-date with your clients requirements and keep your business compliant.

2.  With Arise you are Building a business institution instead of landing a job.

This is huge!  I cannot express this enough.  It really surprises me how many people take this aspect for granted.  I really think that if you want to earn income from home and you don’t consider this aspect of Arise Virtual Solution’s opportunity then you are missing the mark.  Arise contracts with corporations.  These corporations can then be either single person or multi-person companies.  That means each one of these corporations can become an employment agency.  When you consider the cost to set up a viable employment agency and have a partner that goes out and gets you top Fortune 500 companies as clients, the cost is miniscule compared to the benefit.  You can start your Arise business for less than $200.  I spent $120.95 on my Arise fees.  I made all of that back with my first paycheck.  I tripled that with my second paycheck and now over  a year and half later let’s just say I’m ecstatic that I took the risk!  Many people stumble upon Arise’s opportunity after searching for years for a work from home solution.  I get it!  You feel burned because you’ve tried opportunity after opportunity and have probably lost so much money that now you feel jaded.  Or maybe you are short on funds and are afraid to lose what precious little money you have to spare.  But with Arise, the facts are in!  Arise has a triple A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and I could stop right there but I won’t.  It also has been featured on Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, and the Lifetime channel.  Not to mention numerous local news station.  Even if you don’t want to build a company, you have the option to work for a new type of mom and pop institution….the mom and pop of the future~!

I want to go further into this topic later because I believe that it is still settling into the minds of people what is happening globally economically.  If you want to be able to survive this shift in the global economy you will need to learn how to use your computer to make money for you.  Arise has laid a strong foundation for this shift!  Stay tuned for future posts and if you’d like more information about working from home as a Customer Service Professional or Building you own Virtual Employment Agency visit my website at http://www.virtualworker.info.

Go Ahead…Take the Leap!

Learn to Make Money

Learn to Make Money

Going from Employed to Self-Employed

     I started my very first business when I was eight years old.  I had a lot more freedom than some other kids in my neighborhood so I’d venture off with my quarters and dollars to buy candy and cookies for a penny (things cost a lot less back then).  When I’d return home to enjoy my treats the other children in the neighborhood would ask me to share.   By the time I was done sharing, I’d soon be out of goodies.  So I figured that if I sell the other children a treat for two pennies instead of giving them away, I’d have enough money to by one for them and one for myself the next time I went to the store.  It made so much sense I implemented my plan right away.  When I proposed the sale to my neighborhood friends they were all too happy to comply.  Commerce is basically about supply and demand so my business was instant success.  It was easy for the other children to meet my requirements and for my to supply their desire for candy and cookies.  I’d even help them to find the money by instructing them to go home and look in between the sofa cushions or ask their parents for a quarter.  It was a win/win situation which is the foundation for a successful business relationship.   They’d run home and come back with as much money as they could find.  Since they couldn’t venture off to the store my ability had become a commodity.  I’d sell them the candy and off to the store I’d go again to buy more.  It was really great!  I even taught some of the other children how to sell candy for a profit to their centers of influence.

I didn’t realize it then but I’ve always had the heart of an entrepreneur or maybe it was my tough circumstances that made me resourceful.  I was a really poor kid, my mom was single and she worked all of the time.  I had to learn to take care of my self.  I’m sure many of you can relate to how tough it can be to make ends meet.  As the years went by and I entered the working world, I longed for the sense of empowerment and freedom that working for myself provided me when I was a young girl.  My ultimate goal in life became to be a successful business owner so that I could always have the freedom to do what I want with my life.  Not only that, as I became wife and mother, I wanted to do this work from home to be closer to my family.   My Virtual Customer Service Agency is so ideal because it provides me with a successful business model.  I provide a service that helps others to earn money from home, provides opportunities, and gives me unlimited income!  Every month without fail since I’ve started this business I make more money then the previous month!  I couldn’t be happier with this business.  My business is also a valuable resource and tool that helps others to achieve their goals of earning money from home!  You never have to leave your home, your chair for that matter, to run this business.

In the past I was able to become very successful by recognizing a great opportunity like Russ Whitney’s Building Wealth Program or when I decided to learn how to sell items on Ebay and made over $22,000 in sales in less than 7 months.  All that was great and I’m glad I did those things but even they cannot compare to what I’ve stumbled upon here. I learned about Arise Virtual Solutions from a dear friend whom I consider a sister.  She shared her success story with me and after I researched Arise’s Virtual Solutions there was no turning back.  I started my business and began building it immediately.  Now, I not only work full time from home but I am building my own very successful Virtual Customer Service Business.  I keep making a larger profit each year.  Now my biggest concern is how to handle my tax situation.  IJS

Arise Virtual Solutions is a virtual customer service company.  They go out and get contracts with major companies like Carnival Cruise Lines, AT&T, Disney, etc. and contract with Corporations to provide customer service for these companies.  They then allow these corporations to go out and hire their own employees to provide customer service while working from home.  It’s called homeshoring. (Stay tuned for my next blog about this subject.)  In this economy, I’m really excited to be able to be a resource to people that are looking to make more money, may be out of work, or looking for the freedom that working from home provides.

Within a matter of weeks after I’d started my company I had made my initial investment of $120.95 back and then some.  Within a matter of months I had already made a profit.  Now my business and company is growing at a rapid pace, especially considering that 1 out 5 business fail after startup.  One of my biggest role models is another Arise business owner, Lexine Mitchell.  She’s owned her Arise Business for over 7 years and her company earned over $1 million dollars in revenue in 2011.  It’s an actual fact!  Just look her up on You Tube and she’ll tell you herself.  She has also been featured in many news stories and other articles.

Working from home has proven to be rewarding and lucrative for me so far but this privilege has not come without sacrifice.  My first sacrifice was my investment to start the business.  After doing my research on Arise, I learned that they are a legitimate company so I knew that it was up to me and my work ethic if I wanted to be successful.  I knew with the right tools, the tools that Arise provides, I could grow my company.  I also knew without a doubt that with conviction, determination, and hard work, I would see a return on my investment.  After all, I’d done it before!   As a matter of fact, within 30 days of getting started not only was my company earning money but also making hundreds then thousands of dollars every month!

My second sacrifice was my time, I find that I am spending anywhere between 20+ hours per week running my business.  The more hours I put into it…the more money I make!   Truly, since all of this time is spent working at home, it’s the least of my worries though.  It’s a small sacrifice to make in order to live my dream!

My goal now is to continue to build this company and as I grow I want to share my experience and success with others.  If you’d like to learn how you can work from home, please visit http://www.virtualworker.info and complete the form to request more information.

Hello world!

Welcome to No Place Like Home!

     This blog is dedicated to discussing how to earn money from home as a Customer Service Professional.  I am personally involved in the customer service industry.   I own a Virtual Customer Service Agency.  I’m a licensed financial professional.  I’ve worked for Metlife and John Hancock as a Registered Financial Representative for several years.  I am licensed in both the life insurance and investment industry.  I’ve also owned a successful real estate firm.  I was featured on an infomercial for Russ Whitney’s Building Wealth System.  I started my first business when I was eight years old.  Then I began working in sales and retail when I was 13 years old thanks to the best mother a girl could have Elizabeth M. Queensbury.  God, rest her soul.  I stayed in retail until I was 19 and had a successful college career where I studied Psychology and Business.  I began my real estate company when I was in my early 20’s and made a boatload of money in real estate.  Now, I own a successful employment agency which allows me to work from home and take care of my husband and seven beautiful children.

Prior to getting involved in this business, I had researched and been involved in many successful businesses.  What I really love about this company, and why I have chosen it as my primary source of income, is the ability I have to grow my business into something substantial.  The fact that I can do this from home is incredible.  I hope that you will enjoy my blog and that these entries will help cure some of the joblessness and poverty that many people are facing today!

     Please feel free to comment, ask questions, and post suggestions regarding work at home opportunities you know about.  That type of information is welcome here.  So don’t be afraid to post a useful comment about my article and something interesting that you do for a living.  Careful, I use Askimet so spamming won’t be allowed here.  But if you are generally interested in having a dialog with me, please post and I will reply.  I hope that you enjoy reading this work from home blog as much as I am enjoying writing it.

Thank you sincerely,

Tamara M-G